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Paint Protection Film

Gloss or Stealth?
That is the question

Paint Protection Film is the industries most durable material to protect your vehicle. We offer numerous packages and a couple different finish options to ensure you're getting your desired look and protection.

Want even more protection to last longer? Our packages come available with the addition of ceramic coating to any package you decide on. This creates a magnified endurance, providing the ultimate protection from driving and the elements. All products are backed by XPEL's prestigious warranty. 

Are you looking for a durable and highly proven protection method? Ultimate Plus is the way to go. Extend the longevity of your vehicles condition, while preventing from common minor damages from driving.

Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Thanks to XPEL's leading technology, you can now have your vehicle protected with Ultimate Fusion Plus! Fusion Ultimate Plus is infused with XPEL's battle tested ceramic coating along with the force of their top Paint Protection Film all in one medium! Keeping your vehicle protected and cleaned has never been easier!


Just like gloss, Stealth Paint Protection Film by XPEL provides coverage over your vehicle more durable then ceramic coatings. However, if you're looking to switch up the style of your vehicle, while maintaining original color, Stealth is for you. On glossy finishes, your vehicle will be transformed into a soft, satin finish. For those that purchase their vehicle from factory with a satin paint job, the satin feel with Stealth will compliment your finish, leaving both parties protected and looking sleek. 

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