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Our Family

Culture is key, no matter the project

The culture within our family of detailers is vital to our success. We are proud of the family that continues to expand, and make sure that our staff feels the appreciation that we have for them. Without the help from each and every one of our detailers, administrative staff, and even our vendors, our brand wouldn't be as reputable as it is today.

Meet the Team

The same people in all of our videos you watch. The same people in all of our photos across all our channels. The same smiling faces you see on campus. We'd like to introduce you to our family, who is honored to work with you.

Jacob Solomon

Customer Relations

Jonathan Reyes

Shop Manager

Spencer Hess

Shop Manager

Matthew Barnhart

Creative Director

Jack Thomas

Lead Videographer

Chris Hodgson

PPF Technician

Tyler Hodgson

PPF Technician

Jack Bess

PPF Technician

Doug Lynch

Ceramic Technician

Ricky Hughes

Quality Control

Rashad Byrouthy

Tint Technician

Lars Andersen


Jake Green


People you can trust

With 6+ years in business, and a magnitude of experience thanks to our incredible staff, we strive to make your experience more than exceptional at Detailers of Naples. We encourage you to stop by our campus to witness our work first-hand and take a tour of our facility. The experience we have curated is unmatched in the automotive industry. Unparalleled communication utilizing technology, the use of only high-grade products, and other attributes power our team of professionals. 

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