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Our Facility

State of the Art Facility for the Art of Detailing.

Step into a facility that boasts professionalism, and integrity. Our brand new, state-of-the-art, 16,000 sqft facility is your new home for the ultimate protection service. Incorporating small, integrated details, that form an aurora that differs from the competitions shops. Featuring indoor wash bays, 6 motorized hydraulic lifts, climate controlled and air filtered work bays, a comfortable customer experience lounge, and many more incredible design aspects come together to create an unforgettable detailing experience. Welcome to a new era of detailing. Welcome to the new standard, Detailers of Naples.

Trust the professionals.

With 6+ years in business, and a magnitude of experience thanks to our incredible staff, we strive to make your experience more than exceptional at Detailers of Naples. We encourage you to stop by our campus and witness our work first-hand, and take a tour of our facility. No matter if you are a multi-branded family of dealers, or a family needing a reset on your vehicle, our family at Detailers of Naples is always willing to go the extra step to achieve your goals.  

The Details You Don't See Matter the Most.

As you walkthrough our facility, you'll notice you don't see miles of cables, hoses, or other lines as you walk through our departments. This is because we incorporated all the essential necessities during construction, and allowed the design to be upgraded as we grow. Seamlessly integrated with our architecture, our designers have enabled us to work with our building and not just inside of it.

A Plethora of Services, All Under One Roof. Literally.

It doesn't matter which of our  services you are having performed at our facility, it's all under one roof. Literally. We have divided rooms that are climate controlled, and purified at different levels to ensure the work being done to your vehicle is done correctly without harm or distractions. This also makes it convenient during our wet summers in Florida, so the hard work we put into your vehicle isn't ruined. Not only that, but we emphasized the transparency with our brand, by incorporating as much glass as we could, so that you can see the behind-the-scenes of the work being done. 

Reuniting Never Felt Better.

Delivery time is one of our favorite parts of the process! You know, second to the actual work being performed on your vehicle. That's why we want to make it special for you, and let you see the transformation that occurred with your investment. We understand separation can be hard, but we promise we make it easy for you. Showcasing a designated delivery bay, the stanchions mark the spot for your treasure to be picked up.

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