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Ceramic Coating

We use only the best for our clients. As a flagship brand in the detailing industry, XPEL's ceramic coating is the most durable, and provides the best results.

Gone are the days of needing to wax your vehicle. Ceramic provides a shield between your paint and the natural elements.





Ceramic Coatings allow your paint to shed water, reducing stains and water spots on your vehicle

Provides a Barrier Between Your Vehicle and the Elements


Ceramic bonds to your paint, adhering to it's surface to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements such as harmful UV rays and rain. Leaving your vehicle clean and virtually spotless.

Easy Maintenance for Years to Come


You'll fall in love with washing your car again. Because of the properties of ceramic, maintaining your vehicle has never been easier. Dirt runs off, and water sheds, allowing maintenance on your vehicle a breeze.

Backed By Warranty


We use only the top of the line for your vehicle, giving you peace of mind for years to come. We have different packages available for protection and warranty so you can focus on more than just the longevity of your vehicles condition.



Did you know you can apply ceramic to more than just your paint? We offer many more options of coating to ensure you're getting the ultimate investment protection.

Optically Enhance your Investment


Whether it's the interior that you're coating, or the exterior, ceramic will enhance the overall look of your vehicle and keep it looking incredible.

Coat All the Surfaces.

Paint & 

Extend your protection of your film further with XPEL Paint and PPF Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating.


Wheels constantly dirty? Coat them with XPEL Fusion Plus Wheel coating. 


Keep your visibility clear with XPEL Fusion Plus glass coating.

FROM $70
& Interior 

Prevent spills and stains on fabric and upholstery with an interior ceramic coating.

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